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Are you looking for a particular Go! die but not sure you will use it enough to purchase it or you do not own the Go! Cutting Machine? Rent from us: $10 per hour with a $20 minimum. Come by the shop and schedule time on the machine! It will also cut fabric with fusible web; multiple layers of fabric; very time saving! 


We have strip cutters in various sizes; a multitude of applique dies such as the Holiday Medley, Calico Cat, Bat and Cat, Fall Medley, etc Click on the list to see what we have in stock.


Are you interested in cutting an entire quilt such as the LeMoyne Star, Hunter Star, or Blazing Star Quilt pattern. We also have the Orange Peel die, or any combination of dies. See what dies we have available! If there is one that we do not carry, let me know and maybe we can add it to our list!

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